Thursday, April 26, 2012

On The Road Again: New Orleans and Beyond

City Park, New Orleans
Jim: A friend once asked Angie if she would move to a town just because they had a good restaurant.  Without skipping a beat she answered “Sure!” I'm not positive that she would actually do that, but I know she would drive 2000 miles for a great breakfast.

Angie:  I would! A few years ago I read in Gourmet magazine about
Under the Hill Saloon, Natchez
 this place in southern Arizona called the Bisbee Breakfast Club. (I still haven't forgiven Conde-Nast for canceling Gourmet.  I used to get some great ideas for recipes from them, but even better I learned about restaurants around the country that I might want to visit. And their photography was excellent. And I was all set to attend one of there foodie workshops where you get to meet and sample the work of New York's best chefs, when they went out of business—so suddenly that their editor, Ruth Reichl didn't even know it was coming.)  Anyway I told Jim we had to go to Bisbee, and on our next trip to the Southwest, we did.

Jim: Yeah, and I have to tell you this.  When we're on the road, we often stop at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and I always gross Angie out by ordering the country breakfast special with eggs, grits, and biscuits and gravy.
Angie:  I can't stand biscuits and gravy!

Jim: When I saw biscuits and gravy on the menu at the Bisbee Breakfast Club I had to try them. They were out of this world.  The biscuits were big, light, and fluffy, and the gravy was flavored with some herbs—I think rosemary and thyme and I'm not sure what else. Delicious!

Angie:  They were.  I tasted them, and I have to agree with Jim that they are wonderful.  So  I can't wait to go back to the Bisbee Breakfast Club, and though I won't order biscuits (there are too many other great things on the menu, and they don't fit into my low carb, high alcohol diet), I'm sure Jim will share some of  his with me.

Somewhere in Mississippi

Jim: So on this trip to New Orleans and then to the Southwest, we are looking for some more great eating along the way.  I told Angie that instead of calling it a photography trip, we should call it a food trip with some photography thrown in.  And we've decided to make this blog mainly about the food, so if you're interested in combining traveling with good eating, stay tuned.   

At the French Quarter Fest in New Orleans